Free Album: Awon & Kameleon Beats x Thomas Prime – Love Supersedes II Deluxe Edition

The London based label, Cult Classic Records has rereleased Love Supersedes II by Awon, Kameleon Beats and Thomas Prime in the form of Love Supersedes II The Deluxe Edition. Love Supersedes II is an album that features production from Thomas Prime (Side A) and Kameleon Beats (Side B) Awon holds down the emcee duties for the duration of the project along with features from his crew The Soul Students. New artwork and six never heard before tracks produced by Thomas Prime and Kameleon Beats are featured on The Deluxe Edition and the tracks follow the narrative of Awon’s honesty and perspective on life throughout the project. This is a must have for any Hip Hop head or avid lovers of music. The production is trippy and very hard to pen to one particular genre of music, this album was made to listen to front to back and will not disappoint any listener. After the success in the opening track Believe In Us, the world should believe that this label and trio of artist will become the future gatekeepers of Hip Hop.

Video: Awon & Kameleon Beats: Brighter Days

Brighter Days: the first video and single/title track from Awon & Kameleon Beats latest LP. This body of work takes the duo in a new direction from past projects they have worked on together. The subject matter is much more conversational and upbeat versus the more introspective and political content of other LPs. The production is a reflection of the title itself, bringing the listener to feel a sense of longing and optimism. Combining words and music, the duo strive to produce a listening experience that creates a feeling of current nostalgia; a familiar yet uncharted mood.

The video for “Brighter Days” was filmed and directed by fellow Soul Student Stephen Miles. His vision was to deploy a 90’s artistry to this video including the use of certain filters, camera angles and scenes to evoke memories of days past while capturing the essence of the song itself. It was filmed on location in Hampton, Virginia (the birthplace of the Soul Students Movement).

New Video: Awon x Kameleon Beats – Back With The Tracks

The latest video from the duo Awon & Kameleon Beats is taken from the 2012 Cult Classic Records (UK) release “Love Supersedes 2” which is a remixed version of the original 2010 release with new production from both Kameleon Beats and London producer Thomas Prime. The video was shot on location in Newport News, Virginia where Awon currently resides. It is directed by Dephlow for Visible Noise Video and features the process by which the rapper/producer combo create their music. Kameleon literally drives his entire studio setup from Philadelphia and sets up at Awon’s place. All production, recording and mixing is done in house.

The duo’s aim is to return viewers to a more visually artistic era in Hip Hop where story lines, creative angles and colorful filters were used to create moving works of art. In comparison to today’s staged shots this video was shot in raw form, capturing the essence of Awon & Kameleon Beats creative process as a whole. From digging for samples to writing lyrics to recording vocals all elements are captured here.

Free Album: Awon, Kameleon Beats & Thomas Prime – Love Supersedes II

Show tralbum art 23“Love Supersedes II is a double LP project produced entirely by Thomas Prime (Side A) & Kameleon Beats (Side B) Rapper Awon provides the vocals with features from members of the ‘Soul Students’ crew.”

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Album Release & New Video: Awon & Kameleon Beats – Concentration Gradient

The 17-track album has a noticeably darker feel than their previous release “Love Supersedes”yet it maintains their traditional jazzy soulful sound. The subject matter is very political and introspective in nature ranging from current events to spiritual matters. Having worked on the album for some time now the duo feel they have constructed a project that will hit a nerve with its listeners. Tracks like “Had Enough” and “They Coming” focus on the pressures and hardships of modern society while songs like “Heaven” take a more positive and forward-thinking stance.

The vintage hip hop sound is still the underlying force behind their music but this project is much more aggressive musically and lyrically. Awon’s delivery is firmer and Kameleon ventures into newer territory sample-wise. The result is an album hip hop heads young and old can feel.

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New Video: Awon & Kameleon Beats – Black in America

New Music from Awon & Kameleon Beats from their forth coming album, The Concentration Gradient. You all may remember the two critically acclaimed albums Love Supersedes and Beautiful Loser. Continue to support real hip hop!

Free Download: Awon & Kameleon Beats – Love Supersedes LP

albumcover4 Awon is one of those MCs I came across during my search for artists for the Digital Undaground mixtapes. His music won me over right away and I believe he will have alot more Hip Hop heads noddin in the future. When you hear his music you can hear the love he has for Hip Hop.. And as his album titel says: Love Supersedes !

In Awons words: “I hope people dig it and get the message. With Guru gone we all need to realize that Love Supersedes all negativity. The album was my way of saying that my love for the culture supersedes all the bullshit that the masses throw us. Love is definitely stronger that any other emotion.”

Download it here for free:

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