‘… D I L L A, the man the myth…’ – SVNTY6 Writes.

There have been many, many articles and stories about Dilla. Feelings range from excitement to resentment – ‘how dare anyone listen to him after his death, if you didn’t know him when he was alive…’ – and fascination to affection.


I’m writing this, as he genuinely is my musical hero. Like John Lennon, or Miles Davis, or Beethoven and Robert Johnson, Dilla defined an era. Almost, he created a genre in itself that has perpetuated for a decade after his death, and shows no signs of slowing down. Every year, for example, thousands of people get together for the Dilla tribute nights around the world, celebrating his birthday and his passing with entire club nights dedicated to his – and only his – music. It has even evolved into Dilla month. Not one other artist of recent times, Hip Hop or otherwise, has this much attention, reflection and love shared so constantly and regularly. Not Biggie, Pac, Jam Master Jay… Nobody. Not even MJ has yearly tributes. Or Elvis. This is significant.

When Dre, on his first Beats1 radio show said that his favourite producer was Dilla, the world listened. I had no idea that Dre knew who he was (That said, it’s rumoured that Dre was inspired to make The Chronic after hearing Tribe’s Low End Theory…). Much like Pharrell and Kanye proclaiming Dilla as their ‘producer’s producer. This, I like. I like it because the more worldwide and mainstream artists rarely give shine to the underground and to the forefathers of the genre – When was the last time Eminem mentioned Dilla for support and the Detroit connection? (Correct me please, if I have missed this), and when did Drake last drop Rakim or KRS One into his conversation?


After attending the Dilla tribute in London last night, witnessing Maseo, Slum Village, Illa J and Phat Kat destroy the stage with their performance, it struck me how much love he has from his close family and friends, how much love he has from fans and aficionados, and also how much love he has from all genders, races and backgrounds. This was a true bringing together of people from all walks of life – People, that on the surface you would not judge to connect and fit together – But they do in the thick, punchy kick of Dilla’s beats.

Back in 1995, after hearing that beautiful Stan Getz “Saudade Vem Correndo” loop, bringing 1963 jazz to the boom bap era of the mid ’90s, I had to scour the credits on my ‘Runnin” vinyl 12″ to find who, and in what world, had created such a timeless, soulful, deep warm soundscape… Not to mention the other 6 tracks he produced for Labcabincalifornia. But, as Hip Hop lovers know, the quest for new, obscure, unique and dope music never stops at just one sample (You have to find the album the sample was from, then find the other music the artists have worked on, then link that back to another Hip Hop joint that has used it, then find that track, etc etc etc), and end up having a sample library of thousands of Jazz, Soul, Folk, Classical (‘Fuck this rap shit, I listen to…’), Psychedelic, Rock… Essentially, Dilla not only introduced me to a new genre of Hip Hop production, but to pretty much every genre of music that has a soul, heart and vibe.


I have about 20 producers in my ‘Top 5 producers’. I also have about 30 albums in my ‘Top 5 albums’, but none of them I can consistently list to over and over as much as mu Dilla playlist. Premier sounds like Premier. Pete like Pete and 9th like 9th – But Dilla has more scope and eclectic production than any of them; Boom bap, Electronic, Soulful, Gangsta, Future, Sampled-based, Original… Timeless and varied. When he is on shuffle, nothing ever becomes boring. And to think that he dedicated his life, literally, to creating these sounds and emotions, shunning bigger paydays (Turned down an N-Sync remix) and award shows to stay home and make heat.

For me, there are certain artists and albums that I have been enjoying for the past 26 years of listening to Hip Hop, and Dilla is firmly at the top of the pile. And it’s a fucking excellent pile.

Jay Stay Paid.



King Tate – When They Hate // Single


West Helena, (Helltown) Arkansas artist, King Tate, returns with another single off his debut album “Murder 4 Hire” titled “When They Hate”.  The Arkansas King goes into all the things his haters have to say about him, and how he is constantly on the grind regardless. Check the stream below

Jay Skillz – 3 AM // Mixtape

3 AM 11

Power 102.9 DJ/Radio Personality Jay Skillz brings to you 3:00 AM which is his latest mix. It’s a concept mix. A collection of tunes that weaves a story of a night out starting with saving money to get in the club and ends with you waking up at 3:00 AM when your alarm goes off. In between you flirt with a chick, hang out with friends, get drunk, argue with an ex and eventually get that chick back to your place.

Jay Skillz came up with the name for the tape after not having a name for it for weeks. After that, he just let nature take it’s course. While organizing, the tape felt like a night that ended around 3:00 AM. He always wound finishing on it by 3:00 AM. Then he get on his Snapchat and promote it around 3:00 AM so it all just seemed to naturally fit. Enjoy the mix.

3:00 AM by Jay Skillz on Mixcloud

I Still Love H.E.R. – The Show 01/16 (Free Mix)

I Still Love H.E.R. - The Show 01:16 (art)

Featuring Anderson .Paak, Elzhi, Kanye West, ASAP Rocky, Lecrae, D.I.T.C., Isaiah Rashad, Drake, Consequence and more.

Download here: Mediafire

I Still Love H.E.R. – The Show 01/16 by Wanja @ Istillloveher.De on Mixcloud

  1. Anderson .Paak – The Dreamer ft Talib Kweli & Timan Family Choir
  2. Cryptic One – Stay Cool Like Dat
  3. J.U.S.T.I.C.E League – Empire ft. Rick Ross & Drake
  4. Elzhi – coSIGN
  5. Obie Iyoha – Lost In America
  6. ASAP Rocky – Hear Me ft Pharrell
  7. Torae – Clap Shit Up ft. Phonte
  8. Consequence – No Matter What ft. Q-Tip
  9. Lecrae – Cruising
  10. Future – March Madness (Remix) ft Nas
  11. Truth – New Type Of Something ft Sean Price
  12. D.I.T.C. – Diggin Number ft AG, OC & Fat Joe
  13. Mick Jenkins – On The Map ft. BadBadNotGood
  14. Kanye West – No More Parties in LA ft Kendrick Lamar
  15. The Game – El Chapo ft Skrillex
  16. Anderson .Paak – Without You ft. Rhapsody
  17. Ras Kass – Basic Instrinct ft. Rampage the Last Boyscout & Flobama
  18. Isaiah Rashad – Smile
  19. Rihanna – Work ft Drake
  20. Drake – Summer Sixteen
  21. Statik KXNG – Dead Or In Jail
  22. DeviceTrax – The Welcome
  23. Consequence – Countdown ft Lupe Fiasco & Chris Turner
  24. Omarion – I Ain’t Even Done ft Ghostface Killah
  25. J.U.S.T.I.C.E League – No Problems ft Lupe Fiasco & Future
  26. Vic Spencer & Chris Crack – What’s Saturday
  27. Black Milk – For 4Ever
  28. Cryptic One – Love Freedom, Miss the Towers
  29. Anderson .Paak – Room In Here ft The Game

Yasiin Bey Releases Statement and Announces Final Album


Upon recently being arrested in South Africa for allegedly traveling with fictitious documents, Yasiin Bey released a statement. None other than his old friend Kanye West provided a platform on his website. Aside from talking in length about the allegations and his issues with the South African government, he also announced that he will be releasing his final album this year.

If not for anything else, you should head over to KanyeWest.com to hear Yasiin rap his version of “No more parties in LA”.

Kanye West – No More Parties In LA (ft Kendrick Lamar) (prod. Madlib)


Kanye drops the full “No More Parties In LA” track, featuring a guest verse by Kendrick Lamar. Madlib on production.

ill Clinton – “Presents: Vol. 2” // Album

ill clinton

ill Clinton “Presents: Vol. 2” is a collaborative project featuring soul and hip hop artists such as Muhsinah, Georgia Anne Muldrow, Jaguar Wright, Amma Whatt, Moses West, and The IGive.
Infused with Soul and Hip Hop throughout, this album touches on topics such as love, inspiration, and social injustice.

Check out the album below.

Obie Iyoha: Lost In America [prod Chisom Uzosike] // Free Mp3

With the first single from his debut album Midnight Run (which drops on Jan 22), Obie Iyohagives you his take on coming of age on Lost in America, which was premiered by the amazing creators at TheFader.com. You may have heard similar stories of finding oneself as an adolescent before, but Iyoha’s perspective is uniquely refreshing. Here’s the song description in his own words:

Lost in America is a tale about the actions and consequences of peer pressure due to a lack of guidance. A looking-glass to going astray on the not so sunny side of America, as an African boy.”

PreOrder Midnight Run on iTunes HERE

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