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Single: Renee Dion & T.Wong – “Evolution”

After the success of her last project Moonlight, Ohio songstress Renee Dion has already started work of her newest album and releases the first single, “Evolution” (Prod. Renee Dion). Expect the full project, dropping Spring 2015.

The song will be available for download on Band Camp 10-24-2014.


New Video: C-bass + Base Hunt – Lifestyles (PROD. ELUJAY)

New visuals off of Found Amongst The Trees entitled “LifeStyle” Prod. by Elujay. BaseHunt and C-Bass trade 16s in a rapid fire, in your face type manner. Peep Game


Stream: Fong Sai U – Life

Washington D.C.-bred, California-based rapper/producer Fong-Sai-U presents “Life”, the self-produced new single featuring Dice Raw, from his forthcoming album Ballads Of A Massacre. “Life” is the followup to the release of “Dopeamine” featuring Dice Raw and the “Bad Guy” video. An underground hip-hop veteran, Fong has collaborated with Black Thought who was an early mentor to Fong and took him on tour with The Roots. Fong also produced a song for Guru of Gang Starr on his solo album Bald Head Slick under his given name Divine. In 2011 Soulspazm Records released Fong’s album A Soldier’s Story which featured Raheem DeVaughn and Res. “‘Life’ is my baby,” says Fong. “I lost a lot of men in the field so I said, Let me tell my story. I’m from DC. When I was coming up it was the murder capital, so that was Life.”


New Video: Vision the Kid & Tru – Somewhere in a Dark City ft. Ben Burwell

Minneapolis rapper Vision the Kid, who has teamed up with acclaimed producer Tru to release “Somewhere In A Dark City” via Be Easy Music. The duo first saw success with Vision the Kid’s debut album, Lost Summer

Mixing true stories of drug addiction and heart break with tracks of pure, danceable braggadocio, Vision the Kid & Tru set out to make Hip-Hop that sounds as current as it does timeless, as personal as it is universal, and as much party as it is poetry.


Single: Funkghost – “Never go 2 Sleep” feat. Rey Fonde



Josh Jacobs “Taino Shit” Featuring Joell Ortiz (Manekinekpro)

PRE-ORDER “Josh Jacobs” –  “Before And After:The Re-Up” For Only ” 1.29″ get the single now!! and Get the album the Moment it comes out!Oct 21st.

Manekinekopro is more than a label …it’s movement. #TeamUp #3NzPromo  

Josh Jacobs album is set to be re-released on Manekineko Pro Records with the lead off single, “New Day”, starting things off (available now). The album is titled “Before and After: The Re-Up” and includes a few extra treats for those familiar with his earlier release.

Josh Jacobs Featuring Naiya – New Day Out Now…. 

Get Social: Josh Jacobs



Remembering Trevor – Not just another victim of Gun Violence

I know that people get killed every day. Get shot and killed like their lives have no value. I know that one death might not seem like a lot in the big picture. But that’s exactly the reason why this keeps happening. Because we don’t take a closer look at the victims. We don’t see them as the lives they lived, as the loved ones they leave behind, as the future they could have had and worked for. We only see them as a number, another victim to the mean streets of anywhere, in this case, Detroit. And I know that when people hear that he was killed in Detroit, many of you will think “well, it’s Detroit. What do you expect?”. Yes, a lot of people are killed in Detroit. But that does not make it ok, doesn’t make it less terrifying when a young man gets gunned down. And for what? For a cell phone, little money in his pocket. He was not running the streets. He was not involved in gangs or drugs. He was just a kid at the wrong place at the wrong time, with something that somebody else wanted. How much could his murderer have gotten from him? Maybe $50 at the most? Is that what a life is worth now? His name is Trevor. And Trevor is a special young man. One with ambition and talent. An intelligent young man with a bright future. One who was involved in his community. One who would’ve made his city better, his country better, the world better. And he was killed for his possessions.

We have to do better. Because if these kids get killed, whether by their peers or by cops, we are killing the best of the next generation off. And what we’re left with then are just their murderers. Based on the color of their skin, on their occupation they will be in jail or not. That’s the next generation we are raising. One of kill or be killed. One that sees no value in life.

We have to do better!

Now what’s left behind is a community mourning, a family distraught. Parents that should have never had to bury their child. That it was is left now. Sadness. And another promising youth gone. Gone Too Soon.

I encourage you to read on, read who Trevor was, so that he is not just another victim, not just another number, not just a name, but a person. A beautiful human being who had a bright future, who had ambition and talent and love. That’s what we need to do, to not leave the victims face-less and voice-less. Learn who these people are, that were taken from us. So that we can learn the value that one life has.

The words below were written by Dj Sicari, who runs an amazing organization in Detroit, 5E Gallery. It’s a place for everyone to come and build, to learn, to celebrate life and hip hop. It’s a place that keeps kids off the streets. It is one place that truly teaches people value. They are kindly asking for donations to help cover the funeral costs for Trevor’s family, as they can not afford it on their own. Anything helps. You can donate here:


This is a very difficult post for me to write. On Thursday Oct 9th, 2014 around Noon, an evil opportunist took it upon himself to rob and murder one of Detroit’s most dynamically creative, loving and dependable youth, Trevor Collins (18 Yrs Old). Trevor has a big heart and always offered to help me out at 5e. He was motivation for me to improve my health and continue to keep pushing to develop our space to better serve as a safe space for youth to access and creatively express themselves. As a visual artist and an “All-Styles” dancer, he was excited to be a part of 5e Gallery.

trevor by the water

When Trevor would walk in the door at 5e, he often would look at me with disappointment if he didn’t hear my resounding baritone greeting of “Peace!” exclaimed from across the room. I usually shouted “Trevo!!!” after that and shook his hand. He was a little over 6-feet tall, athletically built, had a flat top that reminded me of my high school days, and always wore ear bud-styled headphones. He was a lover of music but didn’t force everyone to listen to it by blasting it on the computers at the gallery, only in his headphones. I remember after he’d been with us a few months, asking him what kind of music he listed to. He refused to tell me lol… because he thought we were so “Hip-Hop” we wouldn’t appreciate “Skrillex” or “Brick and Lace” a couple of his favorite artists. When he realized that I, as a DJ value all expressions of great music, he opened up and let us see his other creative talents.

Trevor at AMC 2014

Trevor was a not only a visual artist, but a dancer, a sculptor, he would custom upscale clothing, maintain the gallery’s t-shirt displays and he made amazing smoothies! Everyone loves him. He had no enemies and was always there if you needed him. He quickly became family to us and we love him very much. He also became the cornerstone of the developing fresh fruit smoothie program at 5e. He was a well-rounded amazingly talented young man. He would bring his niece Nebrea to the gallery if he had to babysit and we would sit, talk and simply have good times. I am honored to have been a part of such loving and amazing young peoples lives.

Trevor 5e Tee AMC

One Tuesday just after SGI, a beautiful Buddhist collective who chanted everyTuesday at 5e at the time, completed their session, I began spinning some eclectic dance songs to prepare for our usual Tuesday open mic event. I wasn’t paying much attention, but I just happened to look up from the turntables and noticed an impromptu dance battle had broken out between a few of the Buddhists and Lou Xiou, one of our DFY youth members. They went back and forth for a couple rounds but the Buddhists dancers pulled out a routine. I thought “Only at 5e Gallery would you see something like this… Lol!” I wondered what Lou was gonna do because he was by himself, Then out of nowhere Trevor pops up and him and Lou pull out a routine they’d been secretly working on! It was mind blowing to see! I didn’t know they danced like that at this point, so I was blown away. They finished the routine, We all clapped and cheered and the battle ended not long after that. No winner was proclaimed as the entire thing was just to have a good time. The smiles on all of our faces and the heightened positive energy in the room made us all feel like winners.

Trevor and Lou 3

Trevor and Lou AMC2

I could tell a thousand stories about Trevor’s experiences at 5e Gallery. I simply wrote this to give those who didn’t know him a little insight on the kind of young man he is. I have a hard time typing in the past tense when discussing Trevor so I continue to say “the kind of young man he IS.” I still feel his energy, willingness to help and his love of 5e. I still hear him laughing with Z’Niyah and playing with Moziah. I still see him practicing with Lou Xiou and talking with Romaine, HB and others. He will be missed dearly by many. The monster that took him from us has no idea the true impact of his actions. He just saw a flat top, ear buds and a cell phone. He didn’t see the sculptor behind the DTE tower made with pipe cleaners for James McMullen his 5e Sonic Makerspace mentor or taste one of the perfect smoothies Trevor would make and serve during 5e Gallery events. He didn’t see how Trevor helps his mother and myself thru our disabilities or how much he loves and cares for Nebrea or the good friend he IS to us all. He took one of our true angels and left a void in our hearts. The saddest part of all of this is truthfully, I believe if this person would’ve asked, Trevor probably would’ve helped him too.

Please help us raise the $5k needed for Trevor’s funeral expenses. Here’s the link: All Donations are Welcomed and Appreciated!

There will be a fundraising event organized by Trevor’s family at 5e Gallery’s New Space (8120 Grand River Avenue Det, MI 48204) on Saturday, October 18th at 3pm. Please come by, make a donation, see some of Trevor’s artwork, tell your Trevor Collins story and celebrate the life of a very dynamic young man.

Thank you for reading about some of my experiences with someone I am absolutely honored to know. May he Rest In Power! I Love You Trevor – DJ Sicari

Trevor Tribute


New Video: Hell Rell & Wesley Valentine (DJ Dez & DJ Butter) – Legends In The Game

Detroit deejay/producers Dez and Butter present the Roweshotme-directed music video for “Legends In The Game”, featuring Bronx rapper Hell Rell and Detroit rapper Wesley Valentine. The video was shot in Doug E. Fresh’s Harlem home and features a cameo from infamous drug kingpin AZ Faison (whose life was portrayed in the 2002 movie Paid In Full) as well as Doug’s son Drop Top Slim. “Legends In The Game” is the new single from A Piece Of The Action, Dez & Butter’s new album out now featuring Kool G. Rap, Elzhi, Pacewon, Guilty Simpson, Kurupt, Phat Kat, Kokane, Boldy James, Fuzz Scoota, BO$$ and Big Rube. “I met the Dipset on Cam’Ron’s first release Confessions of Fire,” says DJ Butter” “My homie Crime brought Hell Rell to Detroit, so I been listening to him since we hung out at Saint Andrews in Detroit almost five years ago.” click here to purchase A Piece Of The Action.


Free Album: Hus Kingpin & Rozewood – 100$ Taper

unnamed (1)

Hus Kingpin & Rozewood of #TheWinners crew, make their latest project,100$ Taper, available for free download; featuring production from Knxwledge, Dirty Diggs, Giallo Point, Manu Beats + more.


Free Album: Pierce Artists – Raking Remixes


New from Pierce Artists…the ‘Raking Dead Leaves in Autumn’ remixes EP ‘Raking Remixes’ featuring flips from DJ Drinks, Rack Mode, Tang The Pilgrim, Terao and Shamanic Octopi. Pure Pierce Artistry! Cop it now for free/ name your price.

The full length debut album ‘Raking Dead Leaves in Autumn’ is also now exclusively available through Bandcamp on a free/ name your price basis! Check it


Free Mp3: SYG – Losing The Flame (prod. Nu Vintage)

SYG is dropping a Christian Hip-Hop mixtape titled “Under New Management” on 9.21.14 and he just let loose his first single. The new single, Losing The Flame, details his transition over a groovy beat with a super dope flow. Check it out.


New Video: Open Mike Eagle – Dark Comedy Morning Show feat. T

“So, if you haven’t heard any of Open Mike Eagle’s music, watch Neil Drumming’s (director of 2013′s critically acclaimed indie feature Big Words) short film for Dark Comedy Morning Show, which was inspired by the song. It features comedian Wyatt Cenac as a deeply lonely and self-destructive guy in an eagle costume and Open Mike in some weird gold makeup.”