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The Do’s and Don’ts of Submitting Music to Blogs

I made a quick video about the Do’s and Don’ts of submitting your music to blogs. Enjoy wink emoticon

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Video on “Do’s and Don’ts of promoting your music on social media”:

I made a quick video about the Do’s and Don’ts of submitting your music to blogs. Enjoy ;)Submission Email: youstillloveher@gmail.comVideo on “Do’s and Don’ts of promoting your music on social media”:

Posted by I Still Love H.E.R. .de on Friday, April 3, 2015


Linear Labs : 5.15.15 – A glimpse of the future

On May 15th, 2015…….in a little city some may know by name as Los Angeles……a miracle happened.

A musical miracle. Literally, history was made.

Past, Present and Future were all represented in what was the official launch party for Linear Labs, the imprint of the one and only Adrian Younge. For those of you just crawling out from under the rock in the Geico commercial, Younge is hailed by many critics as the future. Producer extraordinaire, aficionado of analog, musical score and editor of all that is Black and Dynamite (can you dig it), composer of the sonic and psychedelic AND quite frankly as I see it, one of the most important people in entertainment today. This night, he brought together a star studded lineup that would rival a Coachella appearance.

Upon entry you see and hear DJ Numark, from the Hip Hop super crew Jurassic 5, spinning tunes and breakbeats for the crowd, while DJ Rhettmatic, another legendary DJ is helping out with early MC duties…..DOPE.

Around 930….something starts to happen. Talib Kweli walks out on stage to say what’s up to the crowd…..WAIT, why is Kweli here? Is he performing? Is he replacing Fab 5 Freddy who might not be able to make it? IDK? Who cares? It’s Kweli. Then, before you can figure out what’s going on, Rhettmatic and Kweli introduce the man himself, The host with the most, Mr Yo MTV Raps and ambassador of all that was and is FRESH in Hip Hop, Fab 5 Freddy. He wastes no time in introducing himself, kicking off the evening and bringing out Adrian Younge & his band, Venice Dawn. As the band gets into full swing, in what looked to be a seamless transition, Younge’s special guests start to hit the stage. First is Karolina, a powerful and gifted voice from Eilat, Israel…who has the kind of voice you would expect to hear for exuberant joy or when going into harmonious battle with spirits. A true gem. Next is Laetitia Sadier, who hails from France and is the soothing soulful voice of the group, Stereolab. By now you are engulfed in holy melody and angelic chords, from the guest singers as well as the back up singers. Then enter Bilal. Many of us will remember when Bilal touched down from the Heavens and Cosmos to join Common on the DJ Premier produced track, The 6th Sense. We also remember his album, First Born Second. Tonight DEFINITELY did not disappoint. Younge and Bilal are working on a project to be released in June and from what happened this night, it will be magic. Bilal, stepped onstage as if he had achieved the highest level of Saiyan transformation right before a battle for the Earth. Straight beast mode.

WAIT. wait wait wait.


Ali Shaheed Muhammad, DJ and member of the legendary group A Tribe Called Quest, was onstage, playing support and in rare form. Not just Guest DJing like the flyer suggests. No….even better. One moment he is playing the Vibraphone, the next he is playing keys, then the vibraphone again and in one of the most natural moves I have ever seen, removed the bass guitar from Adrian Younge during a speech and took position with the band. LIKE SERIOUSLY?! This guy is talented and for people who think Hip Hop doesn’t have TRUE talent, ALL WE DO IS STEAL SAMPLES AND HAVE NO SKILL, I challenge you to get back in touch with TRUE Hip-Hop. Ali was everywhere and it was inspiring. Intermission. Break.

Act 2

The band once again takes the stage, musical guests in tow…..but with a feeling like we haven’t seen it ALL yet.

We hadn’t. Out of left field Younge brings out Wayne Brady (Who’s Line Is It Anyway?, Chappelle Show Season 3 “Is Wayne Brady going to have to choke a b*tch?”), who shows the crowd more of his talent and humor and overall charm then could be imagined. A true talent indeed. First, he goes improv per request of Younge. He grabs a random woman from the audience, the band begins to play and he sings a song and raps to her, while also throwing lines to her husband about how he will steal her, while he is still in the crowd. The next part of the showcase was to perform some old hip hop songs, which seemed novel and fun to do, until the band starts playing a familiar melody. Something vintage. Something 90’s, something dope…something, FRESH. They started playing 93 til Infinity. What a dope instrumental to hear live, and just as you begin to accept that this will be a Wayne Brady/Adrian Younge moment, Younge calls pause AND Opio from Souls of Mischief comes out and blows the crowd away with his rendition of the classic song, while Wayne Brady sings accompaniment.

Just as you feel like nothing can get better than this, Bilal kicks off a new song from his upcoming project with Adrian Younge, entitled “Money Over Love”. Halfway through the song, it gets a bit more real, as Kendrick Lamar walks out to drop his verse on this powerfully written song and adds just the right amount of jet fuel to this raging fire started by Adrian Younge. Simply amazing. If you missed this night, I encourage you to find them quickly and catch a show, because one day it won’t be so easy to get front row for a Linear Labs event or a Venice Dawn show.

Upon review, this was easily more entertaining then a kiss between an old icon trying desperately to remain relevant and an arrogant yet highly talented rapper, who bored a certain Coachella crowd to sleep by singing his lullabies for 80% of his headlining Sunday set.

All in all, Adrian Younge is doing something for music that is unique yet familiar, vintage yet still brand new. He has captured the ear and attention of music lovers, so much to the point, that he is getting to work with a lot of great musicians. Many he grew up listening to. And in this process, he is reigniting that inspirational spark so needed in popular music today. His band is a testament to that. These guys all have a personality their own and together they are a force not only to be reckoned with, but a group to remember for the ages.

I said it a couple of years ago, that Hip-Hop would be sampling Adrian Younge as if they had stumbled across some secret unreleased Black Moses tracks, and it has happened and continues to happen. From Kweli to Jay-Z. G-Unit to Boot Camp Clique. What the future holds, I can only imagine, eagerly.

Linear Labs

Art Don’t Sleep



Something from the SouthWest (USA)

Sometimes it’s good to just shut up and get to the music and videos. THIS…is one of those times. Some videos from Arizona and California I am really feeling and I wanted to share. That’s it.

Mr. Nicholas Nice #iStillLoveHER #hiphop #GrizzlyState #WhoIsMrNicholasNice

Ill Camille – Live It Up ft. Iman Omari

Johnny Redd x Jaca Zulu – Maxin’ & Coolin’ ft. Nick Arcade

Cash Lansky – Stadium ft. Bianca Alana

Bonnie Blue – Bonnie Blue

Noa James & 86 Joon – Buddha Blunts



2015 First Quarter Round Up

Owbese – Intro (prod by ICBM from France)

At the beginning of this wonderful year known as 2015, with all the tech advances and information at our fingertips, it is sometimes hard to say it is wonderful. I mean look around us. Online, in the local news. Things are bad and getting worse, so it seems.

That is why so many people turn to music as an outlet. A way to escape, if only for a few minutes (or hours), into a world where everything makes sense and the music is in sync with your current mood or atmosphere. Maybe like magic, it helps us conjure up something primal and pure that we just can’t explain. Either way, music is a medicine. In every genre.

So like I started this column off…..the beginning of the year, I had the opportunity to hang out with a couple of old friends on tour from Arizona, who were the special guests of a Multi-genre influenced Hardcore Metal group, Stands With Fists. They were hanging out at the beach in Southern California before their next show, so I decided to tag along and get better acquainted with the band and to also catch up with my friends, Stacc Styles & Greg Sacks. The combo of Hardcore Metal and Hip-Hop is nothing new but when talking about SWF, you get something fresh. With the addition of a SouthWest chopper like Stacc Styles and ferocity of Greg Sacks on such tracks as “Feed Off of Me”, you get something old and new. Something that feels right but hasn’t been done in mass to know it until you hear it like I did.

I actually got a chance to spend the whole day with the band and I have to say, I’ve not had the opportunity to hang out with such a fun loving hardcore group of guys in a long time. Jon Russell,
Adrian Wilson, Matt Bejar, Darrell Gulledge, Marcus Davis, Dylan Duff, Omar Cuadra & Brad Phipps are some true stand up guys and I fully understand why their music works. They feel it, believe it, work together and grow together. They create for the fans and themselves. To then later get a chance to see them LIVE, was a treat within itself. I even helped schlep some of the equipment for them, because I love music and helping. Below are a couple of songs from the group, which I encourage you to listen to when you have a moment and want something hardcore that might not be 100% Hip Hop but definitely influenced by it.

Stands With Fists Website

EMD – Stands With Fists

Feed Off of Me – Stands with Fists

Bringing it back to Hip-Hop, I have an update from another old friend of mine who has been slowly building his empire, networking with producers outside of the U.S. and crafting his brand and style of music. Full of fire and truth, strength and struggle, you find Bloc Kade. Hailing from Philadelphia, he is no stranger to survival in a tough area during tough times. Having conquered many personal demons as well allows this man to put his heart into every bar he records and while he isn’t bent on trying to “out bar” anybody, he will body anyone trying to step in his way, lyrically. When he walks in the room, it’s as if a world renowned assassin has entered the building. He is a force to be reckoned with all by his self, hence the name Bloc Kade….Blockade. He has been engaged in video challenges and song competitions for the past few years and is self taught with all he does. From production to recording to videos, he is determined to master it all. I know for a fact that he will make music until he breathes no more. It’s just the culture. We live it. We don’t just “rap” it or wear it. WE ARE HIP HOP. Below is a link to his Soundcloud page where you can find more of his recordings and keep up to date with his postings. For the warriors and fighters out there, Bloc Kade is right up your alley.

Soundcloud Bloc Kade

Last but not least, to round out this post for others to come, (I won’t just be posting quarterly), I bring you a man who is no stranger to the site, be it through his own merit and efforts or collaborations with other artists who have also been featured on this site. Owbese. When I first found out about Owbese I was amazed. To later find out he lived in my city was astonishing. He has a way of embracing any production he finds and making something classic out of it. Let him do his own production and you feel like we never left the prime of the 90’s yet we somehow took it into the future and it evolved. A true storyteller and child of the Culture we all love and live. I posted one of his videos at the top of the page for you to enjoy and I’m sure someone did. If you know of his music, then his scenery for the video makes perfect sense. If not, know Owbese will take you where it’s dark and humid. Where it’s fresh and pungent. Where grimy Hip-Hop lives and grows like a leviathan.

Owbese FB

Owbese Soundcloud


Album: Esohel x DJ Poor “Dopamine”

Blood brothers, Esohel and DJ Poor bring it back to the roots on their latest full length release titled “Dopamine”. Dose up



Stream: KR – Play My Shit (Prod. by PYRMDPLAZA)

To be quite frank, it’s been a minute since KR has released new music. Which really comes as no surprise based on the amount of cities he’s recently touched as a supporting act on Mod Sun’s “Look Up” tour. The 20-year old rapper fresh off a 30-plus national city tour, felt it was time to feed the masses.

Today, KR unleashes his first release of 2015 with a freebee, “Play My Shit.” The feel good, spring time cut is produced by PYRMDPLAZA with additional vocals provided by SPZKRT.

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Video: Jarren Benton – AllADat ( Funk Volume ) | TCE MIC CHECK

Here’s the second Mic Check session shot with Jarren Benton ( Funk Volume ) in Atlanta, GA. He performs “Diamonds & Fur”, another single off his “Slow Motion” EP.


Free Mp3: R.O.M – Took A Vow

“The track is called “Took a Vow” its the 1st release from my next mix tape R.O.M Vol 2. The honey moon ROM means The rest of me belongs to me . Project is about the promises I made to my self and other to be passionate about the loves in my life . My higher self 1st , family 2nd, and music 3rd . I owe nobody any explanations for my choices and expect no hand out to be given”


Video: Tim Gent – 1993 (The Prequel)

Clarksville, TN’s Tim Gent just unveiled a new visual for the first time in a while. With his full-length project Clarksville Nights due on April 22nd, “1993” serves as a bit of a “prequel” to the full body of work. Moreover, this track will not appear on the upcoming project.


Free Mp3: RedAir (Rediculus & Airon Azure) – Cha Cha Cha

Don’t get fooled by the title, “Cha Cha Cha” bears no relation to Cuban ballroom dancing or the late ’90s anthem from the now defunct Flipmode Squad. The collaborative efforts of the Chitown producer, Rediculus, and singer/songwriter, Airon Azure, unite under the moniker RedAir, and aim to add a new dimension to the windy city’s contemporary sound. The duo have been working together on their craft, off and on, since 2004; these efforts have allowed them to forge their own unique style, based on the music they love. Rediculus’ brooding and sparse instrumental on “Cha Cha Cha,” sets the tone for Azure’s delicate, yet distorted vocals. The end result is a rather pensive anecdote of how to navigate through the world when your options seem limited. There’s no telling if “Cha Cha Cha” is part of a bigger project or just a loosie to vibe with; regardless, hit play and enjoy this cut from the Chitown natives.


Stream: JR & PH7 X Chuuwee – ”Florin Light Rail” (Drew Dave Remix)

”Florin Light Rail” remix by Drew Dave, the winner of the remix contest which was held from 1 to 10th of April. The digital single including the original track, acapella, original instrumental, remix by Drew Dave and remix instrumental will be available on April 28th.

”Florin Light Rail” taken from ”The South Sac Mack” album by JR & PH7 X Chuuwee which is available now.

Purchase links ”The South Sac Mack”:
Digital: iTunes | Amazon | Bandcamp | Google Play | Spotify
CD (Digipack): Below System Records | | |
Vinyl (2LP Gatefold): Below System Records | | |


Video: Dustin Haffner – “Merda” featuring Sacramento Knoxx

“All lives Matter–Absolutely. We’ve got to value our people and our communities and that’s exactly how it should be. Self love, self awareness–hopefully we show that we really believe this by doing our little part to strengthen our Native communities every single day and not only in times of tragedy. But in recent months whenever a black person gets killed and the #BlackLivesMatter marches start, we Natives wanna get a little bit antsy…”Hey, but what about us?? Police kill us at higher rates than anybody else…” And that’s all true but when we do that we’re walking into the trap that says that justice is a zero sum game…we start begging for scraps at the table of #Justice, like there’s only so much to go around…that comes from deficit and insecurity and it’s counterproductive…we have to create allies not take away from their moments–ours will come if we keep pushing. #BlackLivesMatter

Gyasi Ross


Free Mp3: Slihmm – Basement

Slihmm (from Houston, TX) teams up with Brother Moon for the shortest track you’ve heard this week