I Still Love H.E.R. – The Show 09/15 (Free Mix)

I still Love H.E.R. - The Show 09:15 cover

Featuring J.Dilla, Scarface, Jay Rock, Mac Miller, DOOMSTARKS, Run The Jewels, Blackalicious and more

Download here: Mediafire

I Still Love H.E.R. – The Show 09/15 by Wanja @ Istillloveher.De on Mixcloud


  1. Nickelus F & Shawn Kemp – Oedipus Rex
  2. J.Dilla – Dillatronic #7
  3. Scarface – Dope Man Pushin’ (ft. Papa Rue)
  4. Jay Rock – Gumbo
  5. Angel Haze – Babe Ruthless
  6. Prince – X’s Face
  7. Nickelus F & Shawn Kemp – Paragraph Of My Life
  8. Mac Miller – Break The Law
  9. Chuck Inglish – Whoa Whoa (ft. Buddy)
  10. Sheek Louch – Bang Bang (ft. Pusha T)
  11. Erick Sermon – Serious (ft. Sylvan Johnson)
  12. Shawn Chrystopher – More Than I Am
  13. Talib Kweli – Pay Ya Dues (ft. Problem & Bad Lucc)
  14. Big Boi & Phantogram – Born to Shine
  15. Travis Scott – Antidote
  16. Med, Blu & Madlib – Knock Knock (ft. MF Doom)
  17. Nickelus F & Shawn Kemp – EMU (Neck Mix)
  18. Jay Rock – Money Trees Deuce (ft. Lance Skiiwalker)
  19. Blackalicious – Blacka
  20. Mickey Factz – Qasa
  21. Paul Wall – Crumble The Satellite (ft. Devin The Dude & Curren$y)
  22. Mac Miller – Two Matches (ft. Ab-Soul)
  23. Run The Jewels – Oh My Darling Don’t Meow (Just Blaze Remix)
  24. Apollo Brown – What You Were Looking’ For (ft. Oddisee)
  25. Nickelus F & Shawn Kemp – Clusterfuck
  26. DOOMSTARKS (Ghostface Killah & DOOM) – Lively Hood
  27. Jay Rock – Vice City (ft. Black Hippy)
  28. Astral – Happie
  29. Anderson .Paak & Blended Babies – Make It Work (ft. Asher Roth & Donnie Trumpet)

About Paying for Music.. SVNTY6 writes WORDSLIFEHIPHOP


‘…Bumrush the door of the store, pick up the album…’

SVNTY6 Writes.

I’ve mixed emotions about the ease that this, and future, generations have when it comes to accessing music. I love that you can hear/purchase/stream your new favourite artists within seconds on your smartphone. I feel uncomfortable how easy it is to illegally acquire your new favourite artists hard work. I love that artists have a far, far wider platform to share their creations with a far, far wider audience. I feel dizzy with the sheer size, saturation and velocity of artists that are available to discover.

This is in no way a ‘back in the good old days’ article, but I would love to share the joy and the exclusivity of being a Hip Hop fan in the 80’s and 90’s. Especially outside of the US (I’m in the UK, yo).

We can all appreciate that Hip Hop is literally everywhere – TV, Radio, Magazines, Advertising, Fashion –tumblr_nclslfTLez1r9hxo6o1_1280 But not long ago, it had to be hunted down. In the UK, when I was 13, 14, 15 years old, we had 2 hours of Hip Hop on the radio (Weds night, Max and Dave on Kiss FM, and Tim Westwood on Capital), 1 hour on TV (Yo! MTV Raps at midnight on Fridays), and two magazines (Hip Hop Connection, and an imported copy of The Source). To experience Hip Hop outside of theses mediums was unheard of. Plus, back then, most artists (and at the time, it felt like there were only about ten of them) were independent and literally grafting from the cities they represented – None of the major scale label funding and promotion of our artists today.

The ease of access currently, and moving into the future, is counter productive – We can purchase and support the lively-hood of our heroes, or we can thoughtlessly (or purposefully) torrent and literally keep the food of their tables. Heres a story, a general idea of the journey the young SVNTY6 took to acquire the latest LP/12”…

After a ‘hard’ week at college, I’d stay up until midnight on a Friday evening and watch Yo! MTV Raps to hear/see the latest joints – I also used to record it to VHS, then catalogue each song in chronological order and rate out of 10 (don’t judge me…). I’d wake up on Saturday, and call around the record shops in London (An hour’s train journey away) and they would play the newest vinyl  to me, down the phone. Any that I wanted, would be reserved for me.

Depending on how much part-time job working money I’d earned, I’d then have to travel into London, walk around SoHo and the back streets behind Oxford Circus to Unity, Uptown, Mr. Bongo, Reckless Records, and more to buy my vinyl. (I can still remember exactly where I bought my ‘Juicy’, ‘Come Clean’, ‘Rampage’, ‘Crooklyn Dodgers’ 12’s… And many others).

Then, back to the train for my journey home, with my imported Snapple Ice Tea.

1012_cassetteEven then, on my return home, I’d still have to record them ‘real time’ onto tape so I could carry them around with me – I also used to speed my Technics 1200 up so I could fit more than 11 tracks on one side of a tape. I could fit 12, thus I had a massive 24 tracks on one tape, and I carried about 10 tapes around with me…

Essentially, what would take me less than 2 minutes today, would be a 3 day process in my teenage years.

As I said above, I miss that romance. And there have been/will be generations who will not experience this. And I firmly believe that it’s precisely these experiences that make ‘older heads’ so attached to and fond of the past. We aren’t the millennial generation. And neither is right or wrong, as it is a different time.

Regardless of the artists you like, we are blessed with such a diverse and eclectic genre. Super creative, talented and varied – From Aesop Rock to Drake, B. Dolan to Future, Madlib to Ab Soul – to take and not give is to be destructive. The independent artists literally give up everything to make their dream a reality, and often deliver far, far superior albums than those on a major label.

There is a great meme doing the rounds, which says –

‘People pay $150 to watch someone lip-sync a song they didn’t write from a quarter of a mile away, and nobody bats an eyelid, but ask somebody to pay $10 to watch local musicians play real instruments and everybody loses their minds…’

Which I believe pretty much sums up what happens.sam_0065

Personal disclosure, I do get my music from specific websites, but I make sure to purchase the vinyl copy from the label. Firstly because I want the music on my iPhone, but secondly, and importantly, I want the label and the artists to be recognised and recompensed for the entertainment and inspiration they provide. (Check my Instagram to see the boy MaxBillions ‘modelling’ said records…).

Also, don’t ignore the fact that the artists make a great living from merchandise and touring, so buy that shirt and get to that show, yo!

Listen, get your music how you get your music – I’m not preaching or judging – but think how hard your artist has worked, how many hours/days/months they have put in, and decide if you should gain the product for free. Then think about how long it takes for you to become the holder of the dopeness – 3 days, or 3 minutes? Either way, we’re all part of this culture.


TripleHQ & SuperIndyKings Present “The Mixtape Vol 2”

Hip Hop Headquarters & Super Indy Kings

Hip Hop Headquarters & Super Indy Kings Team up with Jay Skillz for Volume 2 highlighting some amazing artists worldwide.

Check out “The Mixtape” and be on the lookout for submissions to Volume 3 soon!

1.) Passion – See.Francis

2.) She Say She Love Me – Tre G
3.) Yeah, Yeah – Silas Blak
4.) California Dreamin – JMusiq
5.) Real Life Season – MIZ 6.)
5 Point Turn – Notoriety
7.) Nasty Bitch – Yung Zay
8.) My House – Warren G
9.) A.G.E. – Bishop
10.) Spartacus – DeepNSpace
11.) 3:15 (Quarter Past 3) – Doon
12.) Don’t Worry Bout It – King Tate
13.) Breakin Badd – Mercy
14.) T-Shirt & Panties – MJ The Great feat. Fred Nice
15.) Rise & Grind – Elz
16.) Loyalty Is Rare – Rude Girl Dejah
17.) Hunger Games – Lucchi
18.) 4 AM In Etna – MJiddi feat. Fam Ross
19.) Dayz & Dayz – John Doe feat. Iris P
Mixed by: @JaySkillz
music submissions: jayskillzthedj@gmail.com

Crew54 – Gentelman&Scholar (Video)

Crew54 - Gentleman&Scholar

Austin’s own Crew54 releases new visuals

In preparation for the long awaited release of their new album “Wyld Gentlemen,” G-christ of Crew54 drops “Gentleman&Scholar” produced by D2P and shot by DVZN Media.

“Wyld Gentlemen”, the full length album, was produced entirely by German beatsmith Dichter2 Productions. It will feature guest performances by Supasition, Showtyme, Wade Waters, Bavu Blakes, Easy Lee, David Sha, Sonia Moore, Qi Dada of Riders Against The Storm, DJ Modesty and more.

Visit Slaprapz.com for more info, check out the video and grab your free copy of the song below.

Stream / Free Download:

Goin’ Back To Compton or Revisiting Dre’s Detox

Dr. Dre - Compton

One month later, I ask you to take another look at Dr. Dre’s “Compton”

by Jon Oh!

Every decade Dr. Dre decides to dust off his cobwebs and actually give the people a reason to call him one of the greatest producers ever. This decade he finally decided give us Detox…I mean Compton; the soundtrack to the box office hit which also has Dre’s hands all over it.  It’s been about three to four weeks since they both debuted and now that all the initial excitement has gone my question is: was it really as good as the hype…or even better? Is any of his music or products for that matter?

Now before people get all in their feels and say I’m hating, let’s take a minute to break-down why I said what I said.  First off, if you do a quick  search of how popular the album still is, you’ll see that after the first week it’s been declining rapidly.  The average Joe may say: “well, what do you expect, no album stays relevant forever”, which is true, but people still make tweets about “6ix God”, “TPAB” and if it’s anything to you, even Future’s “DS2”. And when people were tweeting/posting about the album heavily, it was about a supposed Drake diss by Kendrick, which I still have yet to hear.  My point is I feel people just see Dre’s name as a stamp for quality and just agree with it; wether it’s actual quality or not.  As for my opinion, I think this album was just average when it comes to Dre’s other work, and considering the fact that he’s such a ‘perfectionist’.

Dr.DreTheChronic Dr. Dre - 2001

Before we go even deeper shall we discuss the fact that he really just decides the final cuts for the album and does some mixing & mastering from what I understand.  From the looks of things, Dre really hasn’t done anything (alone) since the NWA days.  It’s clear he doesn’t write, which is acceptable for a producer, but a producer who doesn’t really produce?  Seems kind of nuts to me especially since he’s supposedly one of the best producers of all time, yet he doesn’t have enough clear credits to say he really is, imo.  He gave you “The Chronic” (a great album for its time), and then you have “The Chronic 2001” which was really when people noticed he was rather ‘hands off’ in the producer department.  After that you have a decade of nothing but Em, 50 (and some other artists) album credits which also are really other behind the scenes producers.

Dr. Dre - Compton

Now let’s discuss Detox slash Compton, and why I feel it’s so subpar.  People have literally been waiting a decade or more for another great Dre album. I don’t know the schematics behind Detox or why they didn’t release it but there was documented footage of the making (in which Dre wasn’t in), a couple singles released, and it sounded promising.  Eventually the album became a myth, fast forward several years and you have “Compton”.  Though it has some solid production, and some dope artists there’s nothing special about it.  If it had come out several years ago when it was supposed to (ok, last one) then it would’ve held great standards. Now, not so much. Especially when there’s so much good music out there.  So again, I ask what is so great about Dr. Dre, because I’m obviously missing something here?

Review: Mega Ran – RNDM

Mega Ran - RNDM


Mega Ran returns with “RNDM”

“When keeping it real goes right” is not a statement that you often hear but I believe that is what Mega Ran just did. For those of you asking who is Mega Ran? My question to you is where have you been? Brief description he is a Philadelphia born and raised to Arizona transplant, former Teacher turned Rapper, sponsored by Capcom and making his rise to become one of if not the best in the Nerdcore Hip Hop scene. Mega Ran who takes his name from video game character Mega Man also went by a former alias Random and that’s where this new album “RNDM” gets interesting. This is a album opening up bearing his self on wax. Looking at a reflection in the mirror of what once was and what is. He makes that clear on standout track “The Meeting” featuring Edy Blu. Over the dope production provided by Murdock the emcee states “You don’t understand the pressure and the demand it’s easy as Random it’s hard as Mega Ran” and “I promise to make sure they see a piece of you cause your the inspiration in every single piece I do”. That track is a back and forth conversation between both alter egos. what I felt like he did great on this project was even though he made the choice to leave the Random moniker behind for his career of spitting video game inspired rhymes over chip tune beats as Mega Ran. On this project he showed his fans he is more than that and let us inside the mind of Raheem Jarbo. The kid who growing up wanted to be a dentist (check “Alternate Endings feat Open Mike Eagle). The former teacher scared by the Educational System (check “Revisions” feat Elle Winston). Or touching on Religion (check “Believe”). He showed us all sides of him. The Teacher, Rapper, Hero with Anxiety (check “Introvert Bars”). Now that’s RNDM!

I LOVED this album on a scale of  Love  Like  Indifferent  Dislike  Hate

Check out Mega Ran –  “RNDM” here:

iTunes    Bandcamp


Maserati Blue – Cry Me A River

Maserati Blue – Cry Me A River

While everyone else is leaving home for L.A. or New York with the intentions of getting noticed, one man looks to stay home and TRULY put his city on the map. Bar after Bar. Maserati Blue hails from Riverside, CA, will rep his city at every moment, blends poetry with charisma and to top it off, he has the tenacity of ten lions running the pride looking for a meal.

Check out his latest video, “Cry Me A River” and be on the lookout for Mr. Maserati Blue. His sight is set on the top and having seen him perform live, watching his growth and seeing this new video, I feel confident in saying that YOU WILL hear of this gentleman for years to come.

[ Facebook ] [ Soundcloud ] [ Twitter ]

Have Award Shows Become Irrelevant?

No Love Lost


Who cares about Awards anymore?

I remember when award shows were about who won the awards. About acknowledging artistry. When the news of who won what were of far greater interest than the outfits worn and the little beefs between artists back- and on stage.

award showsI remember when I rooted for Michael Jackson to win all of them and waited impatiently to find out if he did.

It doesn’t seem to be like that anymore. People don’t really seem to care much about that anymore at all. They seem to care about the clothes, who was accompanied by who and is therefore sleeping with them, about scandals and hair styles. Maybe performances. But the awards? Nah.

Isn’t this a reflection of the state of the music business? People don’t buy music, so why should they care about awarding sales or artistry measured by professionals or sometimes fans. Has the music business turned so much into Hollywood that awarding an artists work holds no weight?

Those who really care about the music don’t care about award shows because they know that the most talented artists never win. They know that the game is rigged. And those who don’t care about the music, and care more for the private lives of musicians…well, why would they care about awards? So every year award showsthe same award shows are held and artists show up to show off their latest hairstyle, partner or gender change, watch others perform non-groundbreaking shows and use the stage to joke about non-relevant matters. Trophies get handed out and the next day nobody even talks about who won what. All I see are lists of best and worst outfits and speculations on Instagram about who was shading who.

Well, when MTV doesn’t air music anymore, I guess it only makes sense for them to showcase entertainers instead of musicians.

Maybe Dilla saw the future when we declined to grab his award with Tribe.



Follow my thoughts here: @IStillLoveHER


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