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Free EP: Kid Sean – Luminous Conscience



“Luminous Conscience,” meaning bright minded, is the result of a collaboration between lyricist, Kid Sean and producers Droid Daughter // Blaise Palmer of Press Square Collective. This fall toned album proves to be one of Sean’s greatest pieces of work yet. From inspirational lyrics to the deepest thoughts that provoke the mind, L.C. will take you on a lyrical journey, and reach out to those who believe.



Video: Dragon Fli Empire – All Wrong

Calgary (Canada) acclaimed hip hop duo Dragon Fli Empire are pleased to release the music video for “All Wrong”, from their latest album”Mission Statement”. DJ Cosm’s jazzy production and Teekay’s powerful storytelling are beautifully accompanied by stunning time-lapse imagery of Calgary, courtesy of director Levente Kovacs of LK Visuals.

Dragon Fli Empire recently unveiled a deluxe edition of “Mission Statement” featuring 5 fresh new remixes, and featuring names like Sadat X (Brand Nubian), Qwazaar (Typical Cats) and Ghetosocks.


Free EP: Macsen Apollo & Ravennest – The Apollo Project



The five brand new Hip Hop tracks on The Apollo Project are the result of a collaboration between Macsen Apollo, creative agency and producers collective Raven Bros. During Macsen’s residency at Open Ateliers Zuidoost Artist in Residence (OAZO AIR) in the Amsterdam Bijlmer area, he joined forces with Bijlmer based MC’s Jay Colin, M.D., Mizztamizzo and Ell-I-Dee. Music wizard D. Riba plays his incredibly strange instruments and jazz singer Anne Brattinga provides warm vocals. The beats, recordings and mastering are done by the Ravennest, while vinyl scratches come from American DJ E Train. A verse by MC Jason Dunman completes the EP. The Apollo Project is available online October 28th, 2014.

The videos, photos and artwork of The Apollo Project were created by video artist Erkka Nissinen, photographer Ilja Meefout and designer Rutger Paulusse, all brought together by


Free Mp3: Grimace Love – Tell Dem Remix (Ft. Younique, Serocee, Wio-K. Negus, Degazity, Demolition Man & Tasha Rozez)


Grimace Love drops TELL DEM AGAIN, the official remix for his BIG end of summer tune TELL DEM. The remix features an all-star cast of reggae artists and Toronto emcees making this remix HUGE and even bigger than the original!!! TELL DEM AGAIN (Tell Dem Remix) features Scarborough vet Wio-K and draft pick Degazity again, plus several local and international reggae artists such as UK hip hop/rockaz artist Serocee and legendary UK jungle/reggae artist Demolition Man. Plus from T Dot, dancehall sensation Negus, foundation roots singer Younique and the female sound clash killer Tasha Rozez.

TELL DEM AGAIN (Tell Dem Remix) is a “posse track” style remix that builds intensity one artist after the next, non-stop lyrics and good vibes from start to finish. It is the perfect follow up to Grimace Love’s Caribbean influenced original TELL DEM, which has been getting a lot of love from both reggae and hip hop communities.




Single: Juellz Ft. Skyzoo – Rider Music (prod. Mardah)

Loyalty Digital’s JulianJuellz is set to present the second single off “Employee of Art” featuring SKYZOO.
It’s called “Rider Music” and will increase your ego by 200%

The album “Employee of Art” is referring to Juellz’ dedication to his craft. “Employee of Art” is a collection of different tunes covering
a wide range of interesting topics such as irony, life from a deeper perspective, relativity and more!
Juellz never disappoints with his meaningful yet on point lyrics. The Project features heavyweights such as Torae, Skyzoo, NY Oil (from the UMC’s) and Sadat X. Also it is worth mentioning that Juellz is swiss and started with
no knowledge of the english language. He has been featured on top sites likeTHESOURCE.COM or INFLEXWETRUST. Also he is member of the global collective “local Mu-12″ whose recently released album also got pretty much attention in the scene.

Have a listen and enjoy good old hiphop!


Georgia Anne Muldrow – “Ciao”



After releasing her latest instrumental album, oLIGARCHY sUCKS!,SomeOthaShip Connect artisan Georgia Anne Muldrow has officially released the first single, “CIAO” . This track is one of the only vocal tracks on the 15 track album.  This whimsical fusion of Nu Neo Soul and jazz is laced with loads of fonk from the prolific composer/enlightened emcee.

To top things off SomeOthaShip Connect is offering fans the option to get their hands on a copy of oLIGARCHY sUCKS! for free.  Simply purchase the dope oLIGARCHY sUCKS! TEE, and the instrumental album is free of charge. (Thank us later).


Free Mp3: MC Bravado (ft Soul Khan & C-Nature) – Infinite/Finite (Man Comes Around)


“Infinite/Finite (Man Comes Around)” is the first song off of MC Bravado’s Johnny Cash Tribute/Conceptual EP “Walk the Line.” The track features Soul Khan of the Brown Bag All-Stars as well as production from Militant Marxman and a guest appearance from C-Nature, both of MC Bravado’s own Cypher Junkies crew. Its release date (September 12) marks the 11 year anniversary of Johnny Cash’s passing. The song addresses Johnny Cash’s spirituality as well the premise of “if the gates were to open tomorrow, would you be on the outside looking in?” It sheds light on the ambiguous line of morality that we all walk as people and candidly speaks upon the pros as well as the potential pitfalls of organized religion; despite the song’s heavy subject matter, it contains quite a bit of humor as well. You can expect the first video off of the project in a couple weeks and the “Walk the Line” EP itself on October 13 (the same day Cash was inducted into the CMA Hall of Fame) on Bandcamp. For now, enjoy the new single as a free download on Soundcloud (Mixed and Mastered by Marc Beatz [Triple 8 Music] and Andrew Bryan [Fill in the Brand]).


Video: Run The Jewels – Blockbuster Night Part 1

“Blockbuster Night Part 1″ is the first single off of Run The Jewels 2. Buy it here in iTunes:


Video: Beyoncé – 7/11

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New Album: Femapco – NORTH AMERICAN IDOL



Femapco, known for his “in your face style” rap, is making serious inroads across North America, with a style that ranges from fast double time articulate flow, to serious touching emotion, to downright grimey and humorous, he is crossing many musical boundaries. Featuring songs with Hopsin, Kool Keith, Madchild, Moka Only, Snak the Ripper, Evil Ebenezer and a song produced by Dame Ritter of Funk Volume (Hopsin, Dizzy Wright) NORTH AMERICAN IDOL is powerful and diverse,. The album captures multiple hip-hop genres ranging from radio friendly singles, to deep underground sound. Femapco is a master of using very artistic, clear and concise way of painting a musical picture through lyrics. Noted for his catchy hooks and distain for unrealistic image, Femapco stands out in a crowd of hip-hop that is otherwise saturated by rappers too focused on bling and swag.




Producer Album: Don Miguel – Waiting For Carmine




My name is Don Miguel and I am a producer from Long Island, NY. I just released my debut production album “Waiting For Carmine”. It features many artists including ST 2 Lettaz of G-Side, Guilty Simpson, Percee P, Blacastan, Big Remo, Boldy James, Rapsody, Rashad, and many more.

As a session musician (Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keys, Vocals) I’ve worked on records for Ne-Yo, Stalley, Meek Mill, TT, The Block Beattaz, and more. 
I am currently promoting “Waiting For Carmine.” My next project is a collaborative album with an artist from London SamueL. That album is called “LDNYC.” I am also playing in a band called Gamblers, we are set to release our album in 2015 and it is called “Small World.””






The Spotlight on: Don Miguel

The Spotlight is on…

Don Miguel

When did you fall in love with H.E.R.

- Don Miguel: I fell in love with hip hop in the mid 90s when I was a little kid. I used to watch MTV all day and that’s when they played videos from all those great artists. When Wu Tang Forever came out I would go to this older kid’s house across the street from me and listen to that and he would smoke cigarettes. I remember Biggie and Snoop from that time as well. Then when The Chronic 2001 and The Slim Shady LP dropped I was addicted.


MC/DJ/Producer/Graff Writer/Bboy ?

- Don Miguel: I am a producer first and foremost, I do a little spitting for fun. Just sitting around free-styling and bullshitting with my friends mostly. Other than hip hop production I play guitar, drums, bass, and sing. I can fart my way around a keyboard melody too but I can’t really jam on the keys that well.


Dayjob or no Dayjob?

- Don Miguel: I have two day jobs, I work for an independent medical courier service and I wait tables at a bar my family owns and1237119_10151895472314136_1317021008_n operates in manhattan. I work on music everyday though, it’s what I work hardest at. When you’re passionate about something it’s not really work it’s like food that you need. You have all this extra energy and super human powers when you’re in the throes of the music gods and that’s the place I love the most. Whether it’s playing in a band or making a beat or just doing other music/work related things I’m always trying to do something.


5 All time favorite records?

- Don Miguel: Wow, that’s hard. Ok since this is a hip hop site I’ll just stick to that genre. I have to say, Fugee’s- The Score, Dr. Dre The Chronic 2001, Notorious BIG- Ready To Die, Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire- Kismet, The Roots- Undun. If you ask me that question again tomorrow it could change though! Too much good shit out there.


Internet: gift or curse?

- Don Miguel: The internet is a gift. My album “Waiting For Carmine” couldn’t have existed if email and Twitter weren’t around. I am very grateful for the opportunities and relationships that came to me because of the internet. If you want to get into things like my generation’s attention span, or a “Her” situation, that’s a whole different conversation.

Biggest accomplishment:

- Don Miguel: The biggest accomplishment in my entire life so far is completing my album “Waiting For Carmine.” It was a three year process and I collaborated with over 30 people. It was my first experience doing a lot of video work as well. It was an amazing ride. Now I hope people hear it.

Why should people check you out?

- Don Miguel: People should check out the album because I spent a lot of time and energy on it. It’s the best music I have to offer right now and the rappers are all on point. It’s got some serious content on there and the musicality is at a high level because I have a lot of amazing musicians and singers on there as well. It’s more dense than what you are going to hear on the radio but you can absolutely nod your head to it. There’s some pretty serious features on there as well for hip hop heads. Guilty Simpson, Boldy James, Rapsody to name just a few.



- Don Miguel: I’m inspired by all the wonderful artists in the world and by my family and by my musician friends in Long Island. I also like to eat delicious foods of the universe and drink beer and watch sports with my buddies as well. And coffee is also a big inspiration.



Favorite song you produced/MCd on?:

- Don Miguel: My favorite song I’ve produced is probably the intro to “Waiting For Carmine” called Cabrón. It encompasses what the album is all about and I recorded sounds in my bar and at an attorney’s office. It also has my buddies Rice Cultivation Society and Delicate Steve playing beautiful music on it.

Why do you still love H.E.R.?

- Don Miguel: I still love hip hop because just like any form of music there’s no shortage of amazing material always coming out. I’ve also been playing drums since the age of 6 so I’ve also loved things that were rhythmic. When I got into sampling that took it to a whole different level. 


Where can we check you out?

Download my album at or Check me out on Twitter/IG at @DonMiguelWFC. If you want to reach me my email is Thanks for the time.