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Beat EP: ILLingsworth – DOODLES


“i’m back again with new music. surprised, right?

a doodle done with a writing instrument is basically an aimless drawing. these are aimless beats. i’d prefer having the luxury to fall back and work on some grand opus but, that ain’t in the cards right now. nevertheless, there’s something in me that has kept me (and i suspect will forever keep me) doing it. that’s partly why i find great joy in sharing these DOODLES.”


Free MP3 : @Stryfed – “Bucket” prod. by @illingsworth


Detroit city is still producing many talents putting their name on the map. Stryfed is definitely of of them. “Bucket” is the first official single from the upcoming Rare Form Vol. 1 EP due in May. Enjoy !


Stream Beattape: ILLingsworth – flakes

a0811400378_2New release from ILLingsworth!


Beat Tape: ILLingsworth – swift and sullied

this is a collection of unfinished ideas, delivered quick and dirty. swift and sullied.

this is another step towards being less stingy with the junk i make.



Free Mp3: Progress Report – No Child Left Behind (Illingsworth Rmx)

D. Allie here. We have put up another free download on our SoundCloud page. This one is a remix of “No Child Left Behind” from our album Eddie Logix and D. Allie are Progress Report. Shouts to Doc Ilingsworth for putting this one together for us.


Free EP: Stryfe X Illingsworth “The Opening Act”

B1f0e61a1b3a52f3a6615256be227317Upon completing his forthcoming LP, “The Last Resort”, Stryfe teamed up with fellow Detroit native Illingsworth to create “The Opening Act,” EP which will serve as the prelude to his debut LP and is now available here for download.

[ Download here ]


Free Mp3: STRYFE – “DRUNK”

StryfeDRUNK3aLocal MU-12 Union member and Loyalty Digital Corp. recording artist STRYFE releases new single “DRUNK” off his upcoming EP The Opening Act which will be available for free download 4-17-2012

The single produced by fellow Detroit brethren illingsworth is a funky head nodding joint that is sure to grab your attention from the minute you press play. Stryfe is a witty lyricist from Detroit who is able to communicate real life issues through clever wordplay. If you have every been drunk, smacked, wasted, finished (you get the idea) this song is for you. Enjoy

[ Download here ]


Free EP: ILLingsworth – Bread Winner

Show tralbum artName your price, even zero. I won’t get mad. Shit, I gotta big ass loaf of bread.

Watch all the Bread Winner videos here:

What do you win when you become an independent musician? Answer: You win the right to eat bread, for every meal. Hence, Doc Illingsworth is The Bread Winner.

Long story short, I’ve been pussyfooting around about this rapping for a long time….until I decided that I’d pussyfoot no more. I left job-security for the uncertainty of my independent musician-hood. I’ve made a lot of dumb decisions in my life, and a few of them helped me to complete this material, and a lot of other material that you’ve yet to hear. I hope you join me on this ride, because it ain’t over.

Bottom line, if you have a passion, go after it, fiercely and honestly. It’s never ever ever too late. Unless you’re dead. You can probably forget about it then.

[ Download here ]


New Video: @ILLingsworth of @DetroitCYDI – #HoustonRockets

Go swoop up the song at and then tell me how you feel about it by hitting me up at .


Day 8

(Blu – Therapy) slipped up yesterday.. honestly, there wasnt much to talk about.. anyway.. its a new day, and i FINALLY got myself to do another “I still love H.E.R.” podcast episode! its been a looooong time since i did one and i`ve felt bad about it.. I just couldnt do it anymore with the day job and all..well..its a new situtation now and i plan on doing it on the regular again. Tonights episode holds no interview, but alot of DOPE music (u know how i do ;-P).. So check it out:

Another track i wanted to plug arrived in my inbox today.. Its by Eril L & Illingsworth, both have been on my digital undaground tapes before and they r very very talented! its a great song, so enjoy this free download and also make sure to check them out at:

Download/ listen to the song “Time kills” here:

So what else has been up? I signed up for a music account on myspace for Blackreign & Ohkang (the group i manage), not that they didnt have one before ( but i set this one up for overseas connects (Blake Eerie – Like a rock), which means i set the location to germany and will contact potential fans from germany and then other european countries.. this is also something i recommend to artists tryin to get recognized overseas.. this way the european contacts dont get lost in the huge friendslists that we all have nowadays.
I`ve also been in touch with alot of djs over here lately and they all love Blackreign&Ohkangs music, so i have no doubt they will be successful over here in due time.. (Clipse – I`m not you)
i`m starting to worry a lil bit about how i will pull this whole thing off.. when i will start seeing results..(C-Rayz Walz – Elephant Guns)..

how many of you have thought about leaving the save path and actually went for your dream? how many of you made it and how many failed?

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