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Free MP3: P.I.L.L.S. & Nukleus – Funny Feelinz

From big beats to melodic rhythms, The Ministers delivers a colorful variety of sound. The album, featuring west coast natives S and Texas’ very own P.I.L.L.S. and Nukleus, tells real life stories in a real life way.

This album is a hip hop lovers cup of tea, with clever samples and original production, you are sure to listen from beginning to end. The “Golden Era” of hip hop is perpetuated in this one of a kind collaboration, proving real MC’S and storytelling is very much alive. From clever word play to spanish pizazz, this is a must buy!


Video: Goose – The Waiting (Feat. TheMedley)

Described as a “modern revolution against conformity,” THE.APES.OF.GOD is Orlando bred rapper, Goose’s 3rd full length project. It features production from Click N Spark, Atlas Greene, TheMedley and TAPEDECEKRA. Guest appearances include Tay Baby, Blake Kelly, TheMedley, Jasent and Atlas Greene. Enjoy the visuals to ‘The Waiting’ below and listen to the project here!


Free Mixtape: Ricko – Slick Sundayz Volume 1

Ricko has teamed up with Coast2Coast Mixtape DJ Jazz to present his impressive body of work created in a on-going weekly music series titled “Slick Sundayz”.


Stemming from London Ricko’s musicial exposure has been broad and on the Mixtape you will hear Hip Hop flavas ranging from familiar gritty East Coast Hip Hop, through to smooth Bay Area vibes to hard Trap anthems.

The Mixtape embodies the first six months of the Slick Sundayz wave and with the incredible from the first months Ricko has agreed to lay down another 6 months of Remixes delivered weekly to listeners via soundcloud and youtube audio.

Today we are pleased to share the bangin’ blend with the first 26 weeks on the DJ Jazz hosted Slick Sundayz Vol.1 Mixtape as a free and sponsored download.


Free MP3: C.H.R.I.S. Mitchell – Pray

C.H.R.I.S. (Coordination Higher Riches Infinitely Shining) never one to give out a ton of material and guards his craft like a Machiavellian artists. Only giving out features here and there C.H.R.I.S. has created a following amongst his peers,the city of Pittsburgh. From Boaz, Hubbs, Git Beat, Mars Jackson, MH The Verb, to Pittsburgh Hip Hop new artist $osa, he has influenced if ot inspired many to dig deep into their hip-hop mental crates to push the culture forward.


As C.H.R.I.S. gears up for his fourth coming release #IndustryStandard he offers three new singles from Industry Standard below:


Mixtape : DJ Ero “Rough Series vol. 13″


This Internet thing made the mixtape game going wild like free ranch chicken. Everyday you got enough mixtapes out to feed you until the next year and the year after, so being visible in this jungle is a goal in itself. So when the tracklisting and the mix are both well done, it is rare enough to spend some time listening to it.

DJ Ero from Spain (Rough Radio Show and all that) is definitely a dude you got to link up with if you are serious with your rap career or if you just appreciate true hiphop music. From Nutso to DJ Premier, from First Division to Fel Sweetenberg, this new volume of his banging series will definitely satisfy you ! Jump on that !

Peace | Cool FD.



Free Mixtape: Independent Coolness 13 (Fel Sweetenberg LIVE)

Check out the new weekly worldwide live radioshow hosted by Cool FD, supportin nothing but real and independent hiphop music! Listen to the stream below and enjoy your time! This episode features live interview and freestyle by Fel Sweetenberg!!!


Video: OneWayTicket – Sipping

OneWayTicket brings you their video “Sipping”, off the album “Global Warming”!

Based out of Charlotte, NC the essence of true “hip hop” still lives with OneWay Ticket. The name derives from Langston Hughes’ poem “One Way Ticket” which exemplifies a man who travels far in every direction with no intentions on going back home. Never looking back always looking forward serves as the motto of the trio. OneWay Ticket has been cultivating their sound for many years waiting for the perfect opportunity to enter the creative music landscape and now, they have arrived.


The group consists of Tony “LELO” Bowers who is a dynamic producer, musician, vocalist, and rapper. Listening to LELO you can hear him accurately emphasizes his life, paint lyrical pictures, and then slickly imports himself. Tony LELO is currently on tour with Anthony Hamiliton as a backing vocalist. Next up is Brandon “Buddah” Smith described as energetic, enlightening, and abstract. He has been writing lyrics since the age of 12 years old always striving to reach his goal to be an artist who provides great energy to the industry. Lastly, referred to as the unseen member, Tim “MR.SMITH” Smith who provides the canvas for Buddah and Tony LELO to paint on as the group’s producer. Stepping away from the MIC lead him to a passion for engineering and mixing which allows him to begin and finish the groups creative process. As OneWay Ticket continues to build fans every where they perform, you can always count on this group to be original and captivating with every song you hear. Check out “Sipping” and grab your free copy of “Global Warming” below.


Stream: KAIJI (in stereo) – Peaceful Solitude

They say in order to have a peaceful life one must go through hell and back. “Peaceful Solitude“ is a description and expression of just that, a conclusion of a journey. Kaiji, the Chicago native, puts the pieces of finding that peace into words in 13 songs you can find on her first full release as solo artist.


Kaiji shows her versatility by rhyming and singing over a variety of different instrumentals. You`ll first find yourself being attached to her fast-pace flow on the track “Chicago (Southside)“, only to see it being switched up by a way more poetic type on the Rashid Hadee produced song Identity. And when we say variety, we mean variety – the album`s sonic soundscape is diverse but it still pretty much vibes in the same framework, creating that imagery for changing moods, changing life-circumstances and an always changing perspective and vision. The album`s soulful single, “Living On A Cloud“ (which features soul-singer Dion) and songs such as “Balance“ and “The Art of Forgiveness“ portray pretty much perfectly Kaiji`s intent to capture the essence of peaceful solitude sonically as much as in words. The strength of this project is the honesty and the effort to not fly below the radar not by the standards set by everybody else but the standards one should set for him/herself.


With all that being said though, this project is built as much to be experienced on a quick drive on the highway, as it is for somebody to just sit back on a quiet night and enjoy some of the more introspective vibes that the music industry these days sometimes fails to prioritize. Whether you’re headed to work, yoga, home, traveling or the club, this is the music for each of those occasions.


Free MP3 : DJ Nucleus “Night Is Yours” feat. Joe Lazarus, Don Streat, Senica Da Misfit and Revalation


From New Bedford, US, DJ Nucleus blesses us with a new joint from his upcoming record “Forces Unleashed Round 2″. This joint features heavyweight champions : Joe Lazarus, Don Streat, Senica Da Misfit and Revalation. You now guess : nothing but dope beats and razor lines ! Jump on that !

Peace | Cool FD.



Free MP3: Domingo feat. KRS-One, Kool G Rap, Greg Nice – Free (prod. by Domingo & Dj Dister)

Legendary Hip Hop Producer Domingo returns with his 7th album “Same Game – New Rules”! Listen to “Free” featuring KRS-One, Kool G Rap, Greg Nice below! The track was produced by Domingo & Dj Dister! The album is slated to have such artists as Nutso, Chris Rivers, Krs-1, Kool G Rap, R.A. The Rugged Man, Ras Kass, AZ, Bamboo, Demorne Warren, and many others.

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