The Spotlight is on: The Latebloomer

The Spotlight is on…

The Latebloomer

When did you fall in love with H.E.R.

– i guess it was some time around 1990. i had heard hip-hop before and was familiar with it, but this is when i started paying attention. my mom gave me some money to buy the cassette maxi single of “i left my wallet in el segundo”. i played that to death. around the same time my older sister brought home de la souls “buddy” 12 inch. i would try scratching on our belt drive compontent turntable. i was hooked from then on.

MC/DJ/Producer/Graff Writer/Bboy ?

– i started as a DJ and MC then I started making beats around high school by just taking loops with a gemini mixer. i got pretty hyped on that and the dj’ing kind of fell to the wayside. once i knew i was going to stick with that, i saved up and bought an mpc. I still rhyme, but im a beat maker first and foremost.

Dayjob or no Dayjob?

– unfortunately i have a day job. im a mail carrier by day. i also am a music contributor for “this american life” on public radio international, and i do side work for the princeton record exchange. my favorite record store. gotta stay close to the vinyl.

5 All time favorite records?

i’ll stick to hip-hop, but as a beat digger my tastes go a little beyond that. in no particular order …
1. De La Soul – Buhloone Mind State
2. Masta Ace Inc. – Slaugtahouse
3. Nas – Illmatic
4. Main Source – Breaking Atoms
5. Any of the first 3 ATCQ albums

Internet: gift or curse?

– its both really. without the internet i wouldnt be answering these questions and my music would probably never have left my basement. ive made a lot of connections and met some really great people through the internet. it also gives me the ability to stay up on new hip-hop. on the other hand though, i feel that the internet has given literally anyone the ability to make hip-hop. not that i think it should be an exclusive club, but i think standards for what is considered dope have dropped signifigantly. the thing that irks me the most though is “internet digging”. cats just pulling loops off youtube. ive heard the argument that a sample is a sample regardless of the source material. i disagree. if youre not digging for records, then youre not digging. i dont care what people sample, just dont call it “digging” if youre pulling shit off the internet. its disrespectful to cats like me who are up at flea markets in the wee hours of the morning digging through trash to find the dope shit.

Biggest accomplishment:

– hasnt happened yet. i’ll keep you posted.

Why should people check you out?

– im not that good at selling myself. i guess people should check me out because i check them out. as a hip-hop fan first i want hear some good shit. i listen to everything with an open mind regardless of the BS titles put on things. commercial, undergrouind, or whatever. i give everything a fair listen. i would hope people do the same. i make music that i would want to hear and i love this culture more than anything. i am a true hip-hop head. you should check me out because ive dedicated a lot of time and energy to this. 


– the people and situations  closest to me are my biggest inspiration. just everyday life things. as far as music insprirations id have to say my homies The Custodian of Records,  D-Flush, The AS crew, and my man paul b. my biggest inspriation is the state of New Jersey. Big ups to the mother land!

Favorite song you produced/MCd on?:

– a song i did last spring called “man on wire” is probably the one im most proud of. it just came together exactly how i wanted. the project im working on now with my homie moemaw naedon form pittburgh has got me pretty hyped up as well. stay tuned for that one.

Why do you still love H.E.R.?

– i owe hip-hop. its been there for me at my lowest points and greatest highs. it gave me identification when i felt alone and made me a part of something bigger than myself. its only right that i still love h.e.r. theres a lot of things that bother me about the “scene” but none of that matters when i think of how much hip-hop has enriched my life. its helped shaped the man i am and for that i am grateful. and for every song or artist that im not feeling theres 5 that i am. because of this music i can see other peoples perspective and experiences. how could you not love that?

Where can we check you out?!/latebloomer201


Last Words:

and im never too far from a record store in Jersey … bigs ups to Wanja and … shouts to NJ, the princeton record exchange, the record collector, all the flea markets, my friends, wife, family and  hip-hop!



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